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Horsham Back Pain Clinic(Formally Bodycare Clinic k2) was set up by the independent practitioner, Steve Palmer. He uses a science-based, experienced(30 years), patient-focused approach. This helps in finding effective solutions for patients. Many of them travel from all over the Uk and Europe, with “hard to fix” or “difficult” conditions. Many patients with very difficult or long-term conditions have been helped. Typically these problems have proved otherwise very resistant to an orthodox approach. Steve has studied in the UK, Europe and extensively in the USA, training in all types of manual therapy and healing.

He is a Reiki master and “mindfulness” practitioner.  He also has “Aspergers syndrome” (ASD). This can help assist in the problem-solving and solution-finding thought process.

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Horsham Back Pain Clinic, Therapies

Spine -Treatment at horsham back pain clinic


Advanced Physical Therapy at Horsham Back Pain Clinic. This is the scientific integration of the many available manual therapies for treating the body. It is based on the laws of science and medicine and then using these integrated therapies together. By understanding what each part of the body does and how they work together, it follows that is no single approach can work all the time. EVERYTHING has to work together, as a whole and all of the parts. There is no single solution or approach, but an integrated search and approach to problem-solving; and treatment solutions.

Detox Therapy -FAR INFRARED

Our Bodies build up toxins over time. What we eat drink and breath can affect our physical health. Toxins can affect our general health and make specific conditions worse. Using latest generation Infrared therapy, we can help you to detox your body and improve your general health. It can also help with the body as part of the healing process.




Treating the mind and body. Our minds have a very profound effect on our bodies. This is especially relevant due to the stress of living in the modern world. Whilst the clinic specialises in treating physical body, many patients benefit from learning to relax as part of their treatment process. Learning how to physically and mentally relax together, can greatly improve health both physically and mentally.  It, therefore, is very useful in any treatment process. 

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