Need a detox?

Detox starts with water.

But for those that need some extra help, may we introduce you to infrared detox therapy?

Our bodies build up toxins over time. This can affect our general health and ability to function efficiently and heal.

What we eat and drink can affect us as well as the air we breathe. Some environments are more toxic, such as on an aircraft, or in cities. Breathing in toxins from engine fumes and industry is harmful to us.

Using the latest advanced generation infrared therapy, we can you help to detox your body.

Advanced generation 3.0 far infrared technology

Far infrared sauna for detoxification

Far infrared sauna therapy is being included in detoxification programs. It has been used as a part of the detoxification protocol used for the 9/11 rescue workers. These workers had become ill since being exposed to fumes and chemicals during their work. The program was known as project ‘olive relief’.

Infrared sauna therapy has also been used as a part of the detoxification therapy for police officers in the USA. In Utah, officers were suffering from chemical exposures, during their law enforcement activity

Far infrared sauna treatment is also recommended by Dr. Sherry Rogers in her book Detoxify or die. The book deals with the problems of environmental toxicity and how best to detoxify.

Constant exposure to toxins

We are constantly exposed to a cocktail of chemicals, environmental pollutants and a host of toxic substances. A growing body of reports and research are verifying how this exposure is disrupting the body’s healthy function.

The general approach to illness is to treat symptoms. While such an approach may provide temporary relief ideally the root causes of our health problems should be addressed.

Research is showing is that there is a common link between toxicity & chronic diseases, obesity and the increase in cancers. Traditionally, diet and exercise are considered the keys to good health.

WHO report on exposure to toxic chemicals (2012)

The World Health Organisation states in it’s 2012 report on exposure to toxic endocrine disrupting chemicals that:

”endocrine disrupting chemicals have the capacity to interfere with tissue and organ development and function, and therefore they may alter susceptibility to different types of diseases throughout life. This is a global threat that needs to be resolved.”