Babies & Children

Babies and children

We treat babies and children, and teenagers.

Our children are very precious to us and deserve the best care. Babies usually get problems from the birth or shortly afterward. This can include cholic, crying a lot, failing to settle, or even a funny shaped head. Older kids get problems with aches and pains after an injury or more commonly a “growing pains”.

Cranio-sacral therapy for babies

Treating babies and children.

For some parents, a new addition to the family can be very stressful. Being born is traumatic on mother and baby! Long labor, assisted deliveries, “forceps” and “ventouse“, cesarean,  etc, all put a great deal of stress on mother and baby. Think of it this way – the baby is a muscular sac and squeezed through a tube, out through a bony ring in a twisting pattern that it only just fits through. How would you feel?

When born, babies can come out twisted and uncomfortable or sustain minor injuries such as getting their arms caught. The umbilical cord can also get caught.

Babies can also be unsettled, cry a lot, suffer colic, or have funny shaped heads.

They may also have problems with looking left and right easily or feel stiff in your loving arms. Cranio-sacral therapy can be particularly effective in helping relieve headaches arising from the neck (cervicogenic) pain.  Many parents also bring their children and babies to the clinic with growing pains and colic. Treatment is safe, effective and painless for your baby.

Children and teenagers

Toddlers become children and children become teenagers – and for all of them, their bodies undergo considerable and often rapid change, seen by the amount of food they can eat!

A younger child may be susceptible to ear, chest and sinus infections, whilst an older child may have asthma, and the young footballer may be diagnosed with osgood-Schlatter disease (a rupture of the growth plate of the small bump of bone on the front of the shinbone, right below the kneecap).

For the teenager, the school bags become heavier and their posture may develop a ‘slouch’ – especially with the increasing use of laptops. Children may suffer from growing pains also which may be helped with gentle treatment and stretching. Children can also simply hurt themselves, in very much the same way an adult can, by falling over or lifting awkwardly.

During these years, many young people take part in a high level of various sports and recreational activities frequently resulting in injuries which, if not treated when young, can become a problem later in life. Many older teenagers also start to take on part-time work which introduces them to yet more physical demands on their still growing and changing bodies.

These difficult and increasing demands carry the risk of injury and structural stress that, if not treated now, can lead to more chronic conditions in adulthood.

The science of treatment

Here is the ‘sciency’ bit –the body is a complicated machine, where all the parts work together but, bodies must, therefore, work “in balance”. In effect, left side and right side, front and back, the list goes on.

Babies and children are very malleable with much more cartilage in their young bodies. This makes them susceptible to problems, such as being born, but also makes them much easier to treat. The treatment is very gentle and can be very relaxing(although not all the time). The focus is literally to untwist and decompress the baby. This usually happens or at least starts to happen on the first treatment and parents usually start to see some changes fairly quickly. As a rule, babies need 2-4 treatments or so. More complicated problems may require longer but this will be discussed with you.

With many recommendations from local midwives and other mothers, why not see if he can help your child…

Little Frankie came to see us with Cholic and constant crying

Murray and Christina talk about their son Leon being treated.

2019 update with little Leon and his Mum, in France

Amy and Jim talk about their Little girl, Pearl being treated.

George talks about being treated after being injured

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