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Here are some simple exercises and stretches you can do at home. In addition, they can  help to ease your pain and improve your strength and stability. As a result they may also help with specific and general flexibility.

These exercises are divided up into specific and general areas and are for reference only. Only do the exercises that you have been specifically asked to do.

Aim to do these exercises every day, as you have been prescribed. You should also continue with your other activities such as walking, swimming or yoga.

Please follow the specific advice you have been given

Along with being treated, your pain should start to ease and mobility improve within a couple of weeks.

Stop immediately if you experience pain while trying any of these exercises and contact the clinic.

Please also follow other advice you have been given and call the clinic if you have any questions at all.

Leg Exercises

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Low back Exercises

Hand Exercises

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Low Back Stretching Exercises


Lying down stretch.


Lower back stretch

Reverse curl. 

Hip stretch

Sitting breathing and relaxing

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