Written Testimonials

These written testimonials are from our patients who have travelled to see us from all over the world

They are hugely important to us and for the clinic. Here is what some of our patients had to say.

Steve Treated our whole bodies and managed to reduce the pain we were suffering while helping recover our former mobility. His abilities are way beyond normal and this is what makes him so special.

Mrs J N

Retired, Surrey

We saw Steve after a difficult Birth and having problems with Cholic and vomiting. Simply Fantastic, the change was immediate and he was so much happier and settled. Thank you, Steve.

Claire & Mini-Me

I’m not sure how I can put into words the positive difference that Steve has made to my life. Steve has been my rock through times when I have felt extreme discomfort and pain, treating me so uniquely and individually. Steve will always look outside the box to find a way to treat people, and it works! We are all individual and therefore sometimes our care and treatment needs to be. Steve taught me that!! There are not words to express my gratitude and also my belief in Steve and the way he works. My fear is that one day he will retire to warmer climates and I’ll be forced to fly across the world to seek his professionalism…..and I would ….Steve you are like an angel to me and my family. I cannot recommend you highly enough. Thank you.

Mrs S R

Company Director

Steve is very close to a miracle worker. With just a few subtle prods and bends he has made vast improvements to my long term chronic condition. I highly recommend him.

Mr N B, Sussex

I tried Steve after visiting many different physios for my leg and back. His treatment always worked without fail which had been my issue before where I had had treatment but not got better with other practitioners. He by far the best I have been treated by and I trust his treatment 100%.


Company Director

Steve looks beyond the surface symptoms to find the root cause of the problem and looks at the body as a whole rather than focus on where the pain is presenting, which is one of the things that makes him such an effective therapist.

Mrs J G

I first traveled down to see Stephen from Scotland on the recommendation of my dentist, as I could find no-one there that could help me. I had been in pain for 20 years before meeting him and am finally almost pain-free. No practitioner I have met has the skill and insight he has. To see him now I travel from Berlin, the whole trip takes 18 hours but worth every minute.

Ms D D. Berlin, Germany

Maisy had developed a limp out of the blue without any visible symptoms. After a day I decided to let Steve take a look at her, within minutes he had resolved the issue in her shoulder and back. A few moments later she was back to being her normal self. Without Steve she would still be unhappy and in pain.

H and Maisy the Dog.

His ability to treat his client’s needs looking at the whole body instead of from just one area has been a keynote to his success.He has this amazing ability to see beyond the textbooks and combine everything he has learnt, which enables him to treat the mind and body as a whole.

Mr J J. Sussex


Best in the Business. Following a car accident, I was treated by many people but I wasnt making any progress. Steve worked wonders, within 20 mins Steve made a noticeable difference to my mobility. So impressed by Steve’s work, regularly I flew down from Scotland and recently from Australia. Steve has made a huge difference to my life.

Mrs E L. Australia

Company Director

Without Steve I would still be in a world of pain, in the decade since we met I’ve never doubted his ability. He is constantly going above and beyond not only for myself but the ones I hold closest.

Mr H.B.

Outdoor Instructor

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