Steve Palmer D.O. - Principle Practitioner

Principle practitioner

Steve Palmer originally trained as an Osteopath, qualifying from the British School of Osteopathy in 1991. He now works as an Independent Manual Therapist Practitioner in Horsham, Sussex.

Early days

He started practicing martial arts in his late teens, learning Japanese Martial Art (Shorinji Kempo) and gaining his first Black belt. The Art introduced him to Seiho, a therapeutic acupressure massage system. Seiho also involves resetting joints and bones, particularly useful after a training session!

After qualifying in 1991, the Bodycare Clinic was set up at the old Crawley Leisure Center.  Shortly after this, Steve Palmer was involved with the NHS, providing Osteopathy in a Physical Therapy clinic. The clinic provided treatment services for 3 GP practices, including 12 GPs. He was also involved with the local NHS PCT in writing, the protocol for “Low Back Pain treatment and care pathway”. This was the care pathway GPs follow in practice.

He went on to set up Bodycare Clinics at The Pavilions in the Park Horsham, and Bodycare Clinic K2 Leisure Centre in Crawley. Both of these have moved to his home in Horsham.


Since 1991, Steve Palmer has also studied all over the world, particularly in London, Scotland, and the USA. Regular seminars and study groups have been with some of the top physical therapist teachers and practitioners, in the world. With many of these groups is “Invite Only,” he has gained a huge amount of experience and knowledge, over the last 27 years. Most important was the realization and understanding of the very real, scientific understanding of musculoskeletal medicine. Furthermore, there was the need for constant study and pursuit of understanding the body in greater detail.


Over the last few years, he has also taught and gained a reputation as the “go-to” guy for difficult cases. He regularly has patients coming from all over the UK, Europe, and the USA. He has also trained extensively in treating babies, children, and TMJ.

His particular passion is in helping those patients that have had difficulties in obtaining effective long-term care, or that have very complicated problems. He also loves to treat babies and children.

In 2015 Steve was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome, which greatly assists in problem-solving and finding “different” ways of fixing problems that you may not have thought of, tried, or experienced.

He also practices  Kendo and has a third Dan black belt.

Steve has also studied Reiki, Energy Healing, mindfulness, and self-hypnosis. He is also a member of the Zipper Club.

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