Integrated Manual Therapy

Integrated Manual Therapy

Integrated Manual Therapy is the scientific integration of manual therapies, for treating the whole body. It is also based on the laws of science and medicine. Therefore, it is the study of the body as a whole and all its components, everything has to work(bone,) Myo(muscle), Neuro(nerve), Arthrology(joint), focuses on the system as a whole and all of its parts. So, there is no single solution, technique exercise or approach, but an integrated approach to problem-solving and finding appropriate effective treatment solutions.

Advanced Physical Therapy Experience


science-based, experienced (30 years), patient inclusive approach is used, to find solutions for you. As a result, many patients do travel from all over the Uk and Europe with “hard to fix” or, “difficult” conditions. We have also solved very difficult and long-term conditions. These conditions, have proved otherwise to be very resistant to an orthodox approach, for many patients.

Our Principal practitioner, Steve, has studied in the UK, Europe and extensively in the USA, covering all types of manual therapy and healing. Steve is a Reiki master and “mindfulness” practitioner also. He has studied in the UK, Europe and extensively in the USA, covering all types of manual therapy and healing.

Steve also has “Aspergers syndrome” (ASD), which greatly assists in problem-solving and finding “different” ways of fixing problems that you may not have thought of, tried, or experienced.

This ability to problem solve is the essence, therefore, of advanced Manual therapy.

Integrated Physical Therapy Tools

Solutions v Technique & Tools

The right tool for the job. Many professions or Therapies follow a single dogmatic philosophical approach to help patients. Manipulation, Massage, Exercise Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy by themselves only affect a problem. An individual Therapy cannot by itself resolve a problem because they may not be the cause.

It is rather like using a screwdriver to knock in a nail, plaster a wall, or draw and design a house. They may be part of a whole process, but not the whole as different tools, skills, are needed. An understanding of how and when to use these tools are also important. There will be a result but the right tool needs to be used in the right way. It means that there is a technique lead process to treatment, rather than a solution lead process.

If every profession thinks it treats the whole body and has all the answers, why are they all different?

The answer must be that they are only part right. There can only be a scientific thought process that they are all part of. A scientific, mathematical thought process is complicated in the extreme and is the reason that there are many different professions treating the body. It is why we need them all. Most importantly the scientific, mathematical equation is what must be followed.

Advanced Physical Therapy Conclusion


The vast percentage of practitioners do work very hard and with a passion for helping their patients. However, many study one way of doing things or one concept. While many get some good symptomatic results and most patients are helped, some do fall through the net.

But what about those patients that are not helped? Or why keep going back to get adjusted to maintain their health?

All of these concepts such as Osteopathy, massage, Chiropractic, Physio are only a part of the answer. Perhaps they are all part of a whole and not the whole itself. It is why each concept, individually, fails to resolve many issues that patients have.

We, therefore, have to base Treatment in the laws of science, maths, and physics. This cannot just be done by doing one thing or have one approach.

Most of all, we must integrate these approaches and work as part of a team. As a result, the “teams of therapists’ must understand their part in this rather large equation. This, therefore, is the next step forward. In the meantime, there is just more studying to do.

It’s like a game of chess using all the pieces, move and counter move until the game is won.

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