Treatment and rehabilitation after injury, an operation or illness.

Rehabilitation is an important part of the successful treatment process for all patients, either post injury or post-surgery. Occasionally you may have very successful surgery but are still uncomfortable, or in pain afterward. Some may still feel that, although they are very much better, they would like some more help, advice, and support.

Back, hip and knee surgery will all need some form of rehabilitation once you have finished with the consultant, just as shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand surgery will. We will get you in a position where your joints and muscles can work well again

Many patients may also need help after an illness such as bronchitis which may leave them with a tight chest and residual breathing difficulties. By relaxing the chest muscles that help you breathe, and showing you some simple exercises, you can feel very much better.


Take a look at our rehab exercise videos.

Horsham Physical Therapy Clinic Rehabilitation After Injury

Horsham Physical Therapy Clinic Rehabilitation Exercise

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What do I need?

We can offer you all the advice you need. What to do, when to do it and how often.

Your program will be tailor made for your needs and condition.

How much can I do?

Any rehabilitation follows a protocol. We can, therefore, help advise you regarding what and how much you should do.

This, of course, depends on your situation and timeline. Correct rest time, exercises and general advice are very helpful at this time. Also, we can advise you regarding any treatment needs and respond to your specific questions.

When should I see someone?

As with all things, it is better to get the right advice at the beginning of a problem. We can then offer you the right advice at the right time and organize a program of rehabilitation for you.

Can I help myself?

Yes, absolutely. The specifics depend on what your problem is. Mostly this will be showing how to use the area again with simple but effective rehab and core exercises. We can assess your specific needs, so you can effectively help yourself and know what to do.

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