Elbow Pain

Causes of Elbow Pain

Elbow pain can have many different causes. Two common causes are Tennis Elbow and Golfers Elbow.

So, whilst many of the conditions specifically affect the elbow itself, the shoulder and wrist joints will always be affected as well. This is because of the way the arm works as a unit.

The shoulder allows very free movement of the arm. As a result, the hand to has a very large range in which to interact with the environment.

The elbow is a large lever that bends and rotates and has 2 groups of muscles running across it. While some of these muscles work across the elbow and hand. Other muscles also work across the Elbow and shoulder.

So, injuries that occur across the elbow are also complicated because it actually consists of three joints working together. It’s therefore not surprising that elbow injuries can be persistent and complicated to treat.

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Treatment of Elbow Pain

A great number of Elbow injuries are seen in the clinic, some of these are listed, on this page.

Firstly, treatment starts and follows the same process with an accurate diagnosis of the cause. Hence, specific injury treatment focuses on the cause and concludes with, injury specific rehabilitation. As a result, this always takes into account the specific activity or sport that is relevant to the injury.

So, during this process, the wrist and shoulder will also be looked at. Consequently, your whole arm and shoulder assessed because mechanics if these are affected. This is because the joints do not work individually but as a team. In conclusion, each joint must work as part of a whole structure and is therefore treated as such.

Finally, sports specific rehabilitation is undertaken. During this process, the injury is assessed for rehabilitation in relation to your sporting activities. This helps you get better more quickly because we focus on you and your activities.

Other Common Causes of Elbow Pain

Listed below are common elbow and arm pain conditions that can be helped:

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